Workshop on China-Japan-Korea Rural Vitalization Experiences: Implications for ASEAN Countries

 Although China, Japan and Korea stand at different development stages, they share some similar problems in rural areas, both in history and current status, such as population decrease, aging society, vacant houses and malfunctioning of rural communities and social services. How to revitalize rural areas is the common challenge faced by the three neighboring countries. Creating jobs in rural areas,strengthening linkages between rural communities and promoting rural-urban interactions have been the policy directions targeting rural development and poverty reduction in three countries. However, with the strong capacity for organizing farmers and mobilizing public resource, the three countries have achieved the rapid modernization of rural areas and poverty reduction, which features the common experience of the three countries in rural vitalization. To highlight the useful experiences and pinpoint the common challenges of rural revitalization in the three countries cannot only help the scholars to reflect the complexity of rural issues in modern society, but also exert profound implications/lessons for other developing countries with similar natural resource endowments, ASEAN members in particular, to figure out their own approach to rural development and poverty reduction. The objective of the workshop is to gather the experts in the field of rural development from Japan, Korea, and China to share the experiences of and approaches to the rural challenges in these countries. Experts from ASEAN member states and international organizations will join as discussants or observers. Based on the outputs 2 of this workshop, visions and actions for rural invigoration in and beyond the three nations will be envisaged. Meanwhile, opportunities for future collaboration among the three countries to help other ASEAN member countries achieve rural development and poverty reduction will be explored.

  • 2019-06-26
    All participants are welcomed to join the 13th ASEAN-China Forum on Social Development and Poverty Reduction as observers.

    26-27 June (1.5 days): Plenary Conference

    28 June: Field Visit of Rural Development Projects
  • 2019-06-29
    Departure of all participants