Rural development backed by 'village network co-construction'

"Recently, with continuous rainfall, I'm here to inspect the indoor and outdoor wiring and check for any aging or damaged wires and replace them if necessary," said Chen Xuanwa, a power grid worker from State Grid Songxian County Power Supply Co.

In Sanhe village, Huangzhuang township of Henan province, Chen Xuanwa visited the home of Li Xinwa, a low-income resident, to inspect the power lines. He replaced damaged wiring and provided on-site education on safe electricity usage, part of Songxian County Power Supply Co's efforts to extend their service reach through the "village network co-construction" program.

Sanhe village is the first to sign such an agreement with the power supplier and is among the first pilot villages in Henan to adopt this model. Under this mechanism, power company staff and village power liaisons collect villagers' electricity needs, identify power safety hazards, and provide one-stop services such as electricity consultation, information inquiries, and bill payments. This efficiently meets the villagers' needs for reliable electricity, said the village government.

By effectively bridging the "last mile" of rural power services, the initiative continuously improves the quality and efficiency of power services, integrates power services into village governance, and fosters co-construction, co-governance, and shared benefits between power services and village administration, it added.

Moving forward, Songxian County Power Supply Co said it will further explore new working methods under the co-construction model. This includes deepening cooperation in areas such as rural electricity safety, protection of power facilities, and mediation of electricity disputes, thereby strengthening collaborative efforts, and injecting new vitality into the construction of beautiful villages.