Rural Development Briefing | No. 48, 2023 (Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2023)

More professional managers are emerging in rural areas. Over the past 20 years, the Thousand Village Demonstration and Ten Thousand Village Renovation project has created thousands of beautiful villages in Zhejiang and benefited thousands of farmers. This year, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting Comprehensive Rural Revitalization at a High Level in 2023, proposing to encourage areas with conditions to hire rural professional managers and introduce professional talents or teams who understand rural areas, are good at management, and can participate in rural operations. 

Source: China Economic Net Nov. 28, 2023

We need to build and protect the road to prosperity in rural areas. In the first three quarters of this year, fixed assets investment in rural roads nationwide reached CNY 358.7 billion, up 5.1% year on year; 118 thousand kilometers of newly renovated rural roads have been completed, achieving over 90% of the annual target. As the most important mode of transportation in rural areas, highways are fundamental, pioneering, and service-oriented facilities for promoting urban-rural integration and development. They play an important supporting role in implementing the rural revitalization strategy, ensuring and improving the livelihoods of people. We should explore new-generation information technology to further enhance the governance capacity of rural roads.

Source: China Economic Net Nov. 28, 2023The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and China Life Insurance Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the strengthening of financial services for rural revitalization. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and China Life Insurance Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the strengthening of financial services for rural revitalization. The agreement focuses on strengthening comprehensive finance to help rural revitalization, improving life insurance protection in rural areas, strengthening insurance funds to support farmers, innovating agricultural and rural credit models, and carrying out comprehensive, in-depth, practical and close cooperation. 

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Nov. 30, 2023

Special Issue on Agricultural Construction of Modern Facilities was published. On December 1, under the guidance of the Planning and Finance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the 23rd issue of the Rural Work Newsletter sponsored by China Rural Magazine was edited and published the Special Issue on Agricultural Construction of Modern Facilities. The content of this special issue includes eight sections, including the first volume, special articles, policy interpretation, summary articles, expert discussions, provincial strategies, county measures, and enterprise cases. The special article published two articles by Deng Xiaogang, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, In-depth Implementation of the Decision-making and Deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to Accelerate the Development of Modern Facilities Agriculture and Build a Platform and Gather Forces to Jointly Promote the Development of Modern Facilities Agriculture to a New Level.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Dec. 1, 2023

Yunnan Province deploys and implements three-year action plan for social organizations to help rural revitalization. On 30 November, Yunnan Province remobilized and redeployed social organizations in Yunnan Province to help rural revitalization. In October this year, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau issued the Yunnan Provincial Social Organizations Assisting Rural Revitalization Three-Year Action Programme (2023-2025) to mobilize and guide the province's social organizations to engage in the cause of rural revitalization, promote the construction of a system of social participation in the pairing and cooperation system, and help villages to attract enterprises, develop industries, and optimize entrepreneurship. The first batch of social organizations in Yunnan Province has been paired with 129 counties, and in 2023, Yunnan Province will continue to mobilize the province's social organizations to carry out twinning assistance with counties, especially the 57 counties that are the focus of rural revitalization, so as to promote the continued enhancement of the self-development capacity of the counties being assisted. 

Source: Yunnan Network Dec. 1, 2023

Qinghai has implemented agricultural machinery subsidies of over CNY 66 million to support the purchase of over 8600 sets of various agricultural machinery. On November 20th, the reporter learned from the Agriculture and Rural Department of Qinghai Province that since the beginning of this year, Qinghai Province has played the guiding role of agricultural machinery purchase and application subsidy policies, supported and guided farmers and herdsmen to purchase and use advanced and applicable agricultural machinery to improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery assembly in the province, and helped promote the full mechanization of major crop production and the accelerated application of advanced agricultural machinery equipment and technology in various agricultural industries in Qinghai Province. As of now, the province has implemented a total of CNY 66.0814 million in subsidies for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery, including CNY 52.3526 million from central government subsidies and CNY 13.7288 million from provincial government subsidies. 

Source: Qinghai Daily Nov. 27, 2023

The autumn harvest and winter planting in Zhejiang Province are accelerating. On November 24th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that the autumn harvest and winter planting in Zhejiang Province are accelerating, with over 80% of late rice harvest, over 50% of wheat sowing progress, and rapeseed sowing basically completed. Recently, over 100 acres of the double season late rice from the Friendship Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative in Yongjia County have been harvested, which means that the autumn harvest in the county has been fully completed. These days, the head of the cooperative, Zhou Yongqian, is busy plowing the land and preparing for a new round of rapeseed planting. This winter, Yongjia County plans to sow 45 thousand acres of wheat and rapeseed, and the progress of winter planting has exceeded 60%. 

Source: Zhejiang Agriculture Rural Public Number Nov. 27, 2023

Hubei Province has introduced the Ten Tea Tips to promote the rise of Chu tea. Recently, it was learned from the Provincial Tea Industry Chain Work Task Force that Hubei Province has officially launched ten major actions, including variety optimization, quality improvement, brand optimization, standard construction, subject cultivation, process improvement, product research and development, market development, production services, and technology empowerment, to promote the high-quality development of the tea industry through practical measures such as building a provincial public brand, improving the standard system, building a marketing platform, and realizing the transformation from a major tea province to a strong tea province. Hubei Province will also set standards, strengthen the main body, and improve the technology for the tea industry. Through standard construction actions, formulate provincial public brand standards, revise and improve key regional public brand standards, and produce physical samples of standards at different levels.

Source: Hubei Daily Nov. 27, 2023

Shanxi Province has taken a variety of measures to enhance the level of rural drinking water security. Water conservancy departments at all levels in Shanxi Province promote the integration of urban and rural water supply and the construction of rural water supply projects on a large scale according to local conditions, and continue to increase the tilt of policies and funds in poverty-stricken areas, and improve the safeguard measures. Shanxi Province strengthens the implementation of responsibility, improves the management of the rural water supply responsibility system and extends the main body of the project to the township and village committee. Shanxi Province strengthens system construction, strict implementation of the Implementation Program for the Reform of Operation and Management of Rural Drinking Water Safety Projects in Shanxi Province, to strengthen the village drinking water facilities and equipment long-term management and care, the development of management systems, and the preparation of emergency plans.

Source: Shanxi Daily Nov.27, 2023

Hunan Province has cultivated a total of 276,000 high-quality farmers in the past 10 years. In the past 10 years, Hunan Province has implemented the project of cultivating high-quality farmers, cultivating a total of 276,000 high-quality farmers. First, stratified classification and accurate training to improve the quality. Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs finds out all kinds of industrial farmers and training needs, co-ordination of universities, research institutes and social training resources, so that personalized vocational training and regional characteristics of the development of industrial demand for effective matching. Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in collaboration with various departments to release policy dividends, to attract all kinds of talents to return to the countryside. Outstanding students of qualified farmers will be supported and project support.

Source: Hunan Daily Nov.27, 2023

Anhui Province determines the layout of beef cattle industry zoning. Anhui Province issued Opinions on the Implementation of the Straw to Meat cum Beef Cattle Revitalization Scheme. Anhui Province will build a green and efficient advantageous area, give play to the advantages of straw resources and traditional advantages of beef cattle breeding, to create a national influence of beef cattle industry clusters. In the four cities of Hefei, Chuzhou, Wuhu and Maanshan, Anhui Province will rely on the advantages of geographical hubs and rich innovative resources to create innovative service advantages, and promote the high-quality development of beef cattle industry with innovative services. Also, Anhui Province will build ecological characteristic advantage areas in the six cities of Anqing, Xuancheng, Huangshan, Chizhou, Tongling and Lu'an, build ecological pastures and create a characteristic beef cattle industry based on the advantages of local characteristic varieties and grassy slope resources.

Source: Anhui Daily Nov.27, 2023

Anhui Province has independently developed more than 500 insurance products for more than 110 categories of local specialty agricultural products. Anhui has developed more than 500 insurance products for more than 110 categories of local specialty agricultural products, covering the major specialty varieties of planting, raising, forestry and fishing. In 2022, the scale of agricultural insurance premiums in Anhui Province has reached CNY 6.138 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 40%. In 2022, the scale of agricultural insurance premiums in Anhui Province reached CNY 6.138 billion, a year-on-year increase of 40.94%; the depth of agricultural insurance was 1.75%, the density was CNY 787 per person, and the insurance coverage rate of the three major food crops stabilized at about 90%, ranking in the first square of the country.

Source: China News Service website Nov.28, 2023

In 2023, leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Qinghai Province will drive more than 70,000 farmers and herdsmen to increase employment and income. Compared with 2022, in 2023, leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Qinghai Province received an increase in the number of people, business income, is expected to receive 14.5 million people, to achieve income of CNY 1.3 billion, driving more than 70,000 farmers and herdsmen employment and income. In recent years, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has promoted the integration of agriculture and tourism, education, recreation and health and other industries, the formation of a number of institutional mechanism innovation, policy integration creation, activation of resource elements, linkage of agriculture with agriculture close to the development of leisure agriculture heights, fostering the development of rural industry, a new growth point. 

Source: China News Service website Nov.28, 2023

Nine ordinary national and provincial trunk highways of Ningxia Autonomous Region were all completed and opened to traffic. The morning of November 28, Ningxia Zhongwei under the river along the Yellow River Highway Bridge was completed and opened to traffic. In 2023, Ningxia has nine ordinary national and provincial trunk highway projects all completed and opened to traffic, a cumulative total investment of CNY 3.44 billion, a total mileage of 280 kilometers. The completion and opening to traffic of nine ordinary national and provincial trunk highway projects in Ningxia has connected many towns and tourist attractions in Haiyuan County, Zhongning County and Shapotou District of Zhongwei, which is of great significance to further enhance the safe capacity of highways in the whole region, improve the overall level of service of the regional road network, boost the development of rural revitalization industry, speed up the promotion of the integration of culture, tourism and transportation, and promote the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin and the construction of high-quality development of the pioneer area.

Source: CCTV News Nov.28, 2023

Financial support has helped to promote rural revitalization. Under the guidance of national policies, banking institutions, targeting the characteristics of financial needs in the field of rural revitalization, innovate financial products, optimize financial service models, and financial support to help promote rural revitalization. As of the end of September 2023, the Anhui branch of the Agricultural Bank of China has supported over CNY 65.8 billion of loans in the field of rural construction and over CNY 60.8 billion of loans in the field of rural industry. For a long time, rural financial service has been a weak link in China's financial service system. In recent years, banking institutions have provided strong financial support for the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization through the integration of rural resources, innovative products and services. First, improve the construction of the rural credit system to alleviate the problem of information asymmetry. Second, increase investment in science and technology, and technology empowerment to solve the problem of the high cost of rural financial services. Third, in-depth government-bank cooperation has been carried out, and some deep-rooted problems in rural financial services are gradually being solved.

Source: Xinhua News Agency Nov.28, 2023

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