Deputy Director Tan Weiping Attends Sichuan Wrap-up Meeting for World Bank Poverty Alleviation Program and Gives Speech

The wrap-up meeting for World Bank Program Poverty Alleviation and Agriculture-based Industry Pilot and Demonstration in Poor Areas Project kicked off on November 17, 2022 via video link. Dr. Tan Weiping, Deputy Director General of the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) attended the meeting and delivered the speech. Director of the Program Center of Sichuan Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau chaired the meeting.

Tan praised the program results achieved by Sichuan. He also expressed his appreciation to all leaders, colleagues and experts from the World Bank and Sichuan Province that contribute to China’s poverty alleviation cause.

According to Tan, the program with industrial development as its core, is of great significance to promoting industrial development and consolidating poverty alleviation results in project counties.

To ensure the sustainable development of the project cooperatives and to make the best use of the program, Tan gave three pieces of advice: First, to further enhance the operation management of project assets; Second, to focus on experience sum-up and sharing; Third, to continue deepening program cooperation with the World Bank.

During the meeting, staff from Sichuan Province introduced the implementation situation of the program and awarded the outstanding groups and individuals for their contribution to the program.

Relevant staff from the World Bank, Sichuan Provincial Development Reform Committee, Provincial Department of Finance, municipal and county departments, project management offices various levels and cooperatives also attended the meeting.