Ms.Li Xin Introduced China’s Poverty Alleviation to Media Representatives of Belt and Road Countries

On the afternoon of May 12, 2022, Ms. Li Xin, Deputy Director General of the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) gave a lecture at the Seminar for News Media of Belt and Road Countries, hosted by the China International Communications Group (CICG) Institute of International Studies and Advanced Training. The lecture was themed “The Theories and Successful Practices of China’s Poverty Reduction”. More than 40 trainees from the Belt and Road Countries attended the lecture.

During the lecture, Ms. Li Xin introduced China’s poverty reduction history and achievements, targeted poverty alleviation and international cooperation on poverty reduction. She also answered the questions raised by the trainees on China’s poverty identification, rural infrastructure construction and cooperation on poverty alleviation with African countries.