Rural e-commerce service stations to be built

Three companies won the bid for the demonstration project of rural e-commerce into rural areas, including Anhui Sanwei Digital Technology Co., Xiangxiang Wanlixing Logistics Co., and Hunan Huinong Technology Co. The signing ceremony was held in Xiangxiang on April 22.

With a total investment of 16 million yuan, the project will build a 3000-square-meter municipal e-commerce service center where there is convenient traffic and large population flow in the city, and 150 e-commerce service stations in 297 villages with over 50% of its administrative villages and poverty villages being covered, and cultivate at least three demonstration villages for e-commerce.

Through such efforts, an e-commerce service system at municipal, town and village levels will be set up to provide support for the development of the e-commerce industry.