Poverty Alleviation :China extends infrastructure and vocational training to Southeast Asian Countries

In 2014, China launched the Cooperation Initiative on Poverty Reduction in East Asia. Chinese provinces paired up with rural areas in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos to assist them with projects from infrastructure construction to vocational training, all aimed at poverty alleviation. China's National Rural Revitalization Administration says the projects were arrived at through mutual discussion, and adjusted to meet local conditions. Southeast Asian officials said they would use these projects as the basis for poverty reduction efforts.

HONG TIANYUN Deputy Administrator National Rural Revitalization Administration "Based on the principle of mutual trust, peace and equal cooperation, the Chinese and foreign sides overcame difficulties and successfully completed the task. Working and living conditions of the project villages have greatly improved. Infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, flood control facilities, sports fields were built, and over 2,800 households in six villages have benefited from the project."