The training course on cooperative management by IPRCC successfully held

A training course on cooperative management in the World Bank Poverty VI Project was successfully held by IPRCC on 9th September, 2021. Lecturers include Dr. Ren Dapeng, Professor from the China Agricultural University; Dr. Cao Bin, Associate Researcher from the Rural Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and Dr. Zhao Jun, Researcher from the University of Saskatchewan. More than 20 staff members from IPRCC, and nearly 200 staff members from project management offices and 400 cooperative leaders from the World Bank Poverty VI Project attended the meeting either online or offline.

Dr. Tan Weiping, Deputy Director General of IPRCC, emphasized in his opening remarks that green development of rural areas is vital for implementing the strategy of rural revitalization, and this training is crucial for the long-term development of cooperatives funded by the Poverty VI project and advancing rural revitalisation. He wished all trainees to seize the training opportunity and be better equipped with knowledge and skills.

Dr. Ren Dapeng shared his insights on principles and focal areas of regulated operation of cooperatives, as well as policy suggestions for fostering cooperative development. Dr. Cao Bin introduced how Japan Agricultural Co-operatives help integrate smallholders into markets with rich examples. Dr. Zhao Jun outlined the current challenges faced by cooperatives funded by Poverty VI project, followed by thoughtful advice. The trainees actively raised questions related to the registration, financing and investment of cooperatives, as well as the adoption of Japanese experience in China.