INTERNATIONAL M.Sc and Ph.D in DEVELOPMENT STUDIES at China Agricultural University


Department of Development Management College of Humanities and Development China Agricultural University

The Department of Development Management

The Department of Development Studies was established in 1998 to promote interdisciplinary and innovative education, research, and consulting programs on rural development in China with international perspectives and influences. It links international development theories and experiences with the practices of rural development and poverty reduction of China. It is dedicated to understanding problems of poverty and late development, reflecting development experiences and lessons within the national political and economic systems, and making policy impact through quality research. It has extensive academic linkages with many international universities. It has built up a reputation as the leading institution for teaching and research in Development Studies in China.


There are five clusters of interdisciplinary research expertise within the Department: - Poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood - Development interventions and social transition - Community-based natural resource management - Governance and civil society development - Gender equality in development

The Department has extensive research programs with funding from the following sources: - International organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the Department for International Development of the UK, the International Development Research Center (Canada), the Ford Foundation, and Plan International. - The national government under the guise of the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Council Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the State Forestry Administration. - National research foundations, such as the Social Science Foundation and Natural Science Foundation.  


The Department has systematic and comprehensive education programs: - B. Sc in Rural Development, - M.Sc in Rural Development Studies, Regional Economics, Sociology, and Development Studies, respectively - Ph. D in Development Studies.

Staff and Students

The Department has 10 professors, 12 associate professors, and 9 assistant professors. Most of the faculty members of the Department hold postgraduate degrees from overseas, and have considerable working experience on international development issues through research and consultancy work with international development agencies or non-governmental organizations. In addition, the Department has recruited internationally recognized scholars as Adjunct Professors. The Department currently has 240 undergraduate students and 110 graduate students.

International M.Sc and Ph.D in Development Studies

Our program,, provides high quality academic training in development studies to the international graduate students, examining the importance of contemporary theories in the social sciences for the policy and practice of development. Over the past 20 years, China has achieved remarkable economic growth averaging roughly 10% annually. In addition, China has been successful in cutting down the number of people living in absolute poverty from 250 million to 15 million, which represents a decrease in the incidence of poverty from 30.7 percent to 1.6 percent. In particular, this program will provide an opportunity for the students to learn about China’s development experiences and lessons.

This program will also bring together an exciting group of Chinese and international students with a diversity of academic and professional backgrounds who have gone on to establish an international alumni network involved in development research and practice.

Students in our program come from all over the world and have found employment in a wide variety of government, non-government, academic and private sector organizations working in the developing world.

Courses and Thesis/Dissertation

The students in our program must take the following 9 core courses: (1) Advanced Development Studies (2) Key Issues on Rural Development and Management (3) Frontiers of Development Studies (4) Development Sociology (5) Development Research Methodology (6) Community-based Natural Resource Management (7) Regional Development Planning and Management (8) Rural Public Policy (9) Civil Society and Governance

The students in the program are required to accomplish their thesis or dissertation in a subject related to the development issue in China or in their home countries under the guidance of their advisors.

The students will have the opportunity to attend a regular lecture series that brings to the forefront scholars and practitioners who discuss the findings and methodologies of development research and practice.

Eligibility for Application

Application Deadline

April 30,2011

Duration of Study

2 years for M.Sc, and 3 years for Ph.D

Entry Requirements

A strong academic record, and holding at least a Bachelor Degree for the M.Sc Program, and a Master Degree for the Ph.D Program. We will consider applicants with a background in any subject, although a first degree in a social science or humanities subject and prior working experiences in the field of development would be an advantage.

Language Requirement

The M.Sc and Ph.D programs are in English so the test for Chinese is not required. However, the applicant should have an excellent English proficiency to be able to accomplish the study.

Fees and Financial Support The Cost for the program is as follows (in RMB Yuan, 1 USD=6.7 RMB Yuan in October 2010) (1) Application Fee (Non-refundable): 400/year (2) Tuition Fee of Graduate Programs/year Master's Programs Doctoral Programs Tuition Fee 30,000 35,000 (3) Insurance : 600/year

The program also provides limited seats for scholarships on a competitive basis: the Chinese Government Scholarship (full scholarship) and Beijing Government Scholarship (partial scholarship). The duration of the scholarship is the same as the program, depending on the academic performance of the students. The applicants are also encouraged to fund their study through other sources. The program will provide a free course package and free Chinese Language courses to the students.

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) will bring the following benefits to the students: -Waiver of fee for registration, tuition, internship, basic learning materials, and accommodation -Provision of living allowance -Waiver of fee for outpatient medical service and Comprehensive Medical Insurance -Provision of one-off settlement subsidy

The application deadline for CGS is on January 5th 2011 The Beijing government scholarship will waiver all or part of the tuition fee, and the deadline for this scholarship is on April 30th 2011. For details, please check or

Application Forms and Instruction

Download application forms, scholarship forms, and instructions directly from the internet using or

School Starting Date

Early September, exact date to be announced

Download the PACKAGE of APPLICATION here:

1. Admission to Graduate Program

2. Application Form

3. General Information on Scholarships

4. Chinese Government Scholarships

5. Beijing Government Scholarships

6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

7. Checklist of Application Documents

Contact Person

Gabriele Corsetti Assistant Director of the Development Studies Program College of Humanities and Development Studies China Agricultural University Room 259, Minzhu Building No.17 Qing Hua Dong Lu, Haidian District, Beijing 100083 P.R.China Tel:++86-010-62736379, mobile: 15011523318 Fax:++86-010-62731027