IPRCC Head Met with World Bank Official

 29 August, 2014 --- IPRCC Head Zuo Changsheng and Deputy Head He Xiaojun met with a delegation headed by Mr. Nathan Belete, Deputy Chief of World Bank Global Agricultural Development Practice in East Asia and Pacific Region.

Director General Zuo briefed the visitors on China’s current poverty reduction policies and key tasks, and affirmed the results achieved by the two sides in poverty alleviation cooperation. He also expressed his hopes that both sides could further their collaboration in project cooperation, research, and knowledge sharing. Meanwhile, Deputy Director General He Xiaojun put forward some specific suggestions on how to further accelerate the on-going projects jointly implemented by both sides.

Mr. Belete indicated that the World Bank would continue to support China’s poverty reduction and development undertaking as always, and actively responded to the suggestions proposed by IPRCC.

The relevant staff from IPRCC’s Exchange Division and Information Division were also present at the meeting.