Development Policy in the Promotion of MDG Process for Francophone Africa Successfully Concluded in Beijing

On the afternoon of June 18, the closing ceremony of the Seminar on Poverty Reduction and Social Development Policy in the Promotion of MDG Process for Francophone Africa was held at Beijing Fraternal Cooperation International Hotel. The Seminar was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), organized by the Department of International Cooperation and Social Mobilization of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP), and undertaken by IPRCC.

The ceremony was chaired by IPRCC Deputy Director-General He Xiaojun. Mr. Alowe, trainee representative and Assistant Secretary-General of Beninese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talked about his experience of participating in the Seminar. “Through lectures and field trips,” he said, “we have learned more about China, and have seen the unremitting efforts made by China in poverty reduction and development. We firmly believe that China will achieve its goals of development.” Mr. Alowe also pointed out that the Seminar had promoted the mutual understanding between China and various African countries and advanced their exchanges and cooperation on poverty reduction and development. On behalf of all the trainees, he extended his sincere thanks to the Seminar sponsor and IPRCC for their careful arrangements and thoughtful services, and looked forward to another opportunity to visit China again. Moreover, he also welcomed IPRCC officials to go on a field trip to Africa.

IPRCC Director-General Wu Zhong made the concluding remarks by congratulating on the complete success of the Seminar. Director-General Wu Zhong reiterated that IPRCC, as a platform for learning and exchanges between the developing countries, is willing to create more opportunities for all parties to learn about each other and share the knowledge and experience, to deepen mutual understating, and to expand the space and depth of cooperation in an effort to contribute to the global poverty reduction undertaking. Wu indicated that although the Seminar would soon come to an end, the cooperation had just begun. IPRCC will continue to provide a variety of services to all sides. Firstly, invite the trainees to participate in different forms of seminars and workshops on poverty reduction and development in China. Interested parties are welcome to visit IPRCC’s website for the relevant information and make applications to the competent department. Secondly, conduct joint studies on poverty reduction and development with the government departments and scientific research institutions of various countries. Support African research institutions to analyze and summarize the Chinese experience in this regard. Thirdly, explore the possibility of carrying out substantive poverty reduction cooperation with the developing countries. Dispatch experts to provide policy consulting and training services in line with the needs of different countries. Fourthly, all parties are welcome to recommend the young people of their countries who are committed to the poverty reduction and development cause to take part in the Master education program on international development jointly hosted by IPRCC, Tsinghua University and other institutions of higher learning. Fifthly, provide more service to various sides through IPRCC’s website. Any trainee who has participated in the IPRCC seminars may become a member of the website and have access to more information services. In short, IPRCC is willing to play its role as an international platform of research, cooperation and information, providing services to the developing countries in the field of poverty reduction and development. Finally, Director-General Wu Zhong and Deputy Director-General He Xiaojun issued the course completion certificates to all the trainees. The closing ceremony was concluded in a joyful atmosphere.