Brief on International Poverty Reduction Studies III — Overview of Pro-poor Development Policies in Rural China


The Overview consists of four parts, which are "Outline of the Relationship of Growth, Distribution and Poverty Reduction", "Characteristics of China's Rural Poverty Reduction and its Policy Framework", "China's Pro-poor Development Policies in Rural Areas" and "Weaknesses and Evolutionary Trend of the Pro-poor Development Policies in China's Rural Areas". In the first part, the Overview briefly sets forth the mechanism of promote sustainable poverty production through economic growth and income distribution and the concept, connotation and policy needs of pro-poor development; in the second part, it firstly reveals the 3 major characteristics of China's rural poverty reduction, that is "China's poverty reduction is linked closely with agricultural growth and rural development", "the poverty reduction in rural China is carried out in-phase with the establishment and improvement of socialist market economic system" and "The poverty reduction in China's rural area has also been accompanied with the transformation and upgrading of economic structure", and then sums up the policy framework of China in setting up the pattern of pro-poor development; in the third part, the Overview depicts the profile of pro-poor development policies have been taken by Chinese government since the beginning of reform, including Rural Land Policy, Agricultural Operation Organization Policy, Rural Economic Structure Adjustment Policy, Agricultural Produce Pricing and Market Construction Policies, Rural Fiscal Policy, Rural Human Capital Development and Utilization Policy, Special Development- based Rural Poverty Reduction, Rural Social Security Policy, Villagers' Autonomy Policy and Rural Development Strategy in the New Era; in the fourth part, the Overview highlights the challenges being faced by Chinese government in consolidating pro-poor development in rural areas and provide some recommendations on how to continue the process of pro-poor development in China. 

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