2020-09-30 Wednesday

Acting Director General of IPRCC Pays Visit to H.E. Mr. Nicholas Rosellini, UN Resident Coordinator in China

Release time:2019-12-25Information sources: IPRCC   Visits:570

    On the morning of December 18, 2019, Dr. Liu Junwen, Acting Director General of the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) and Dr. Tan Weiping, Deputy Director General of IPRCC paid a visit to H.E. Mr. Nicholas Rosellini, UN Resident Coordinator in China. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of ideas on the dissemination of China’s poverty reduction practice and experience and the summarization of China’s poverty reduction theories.

    At the outset, Dr. Liu Junwen, on behalf of IPRCC, expressed appreciation to Mr. Rosellini for his attention to and support for China’s fight against poverty over the years, especially for his substantial support for and personal participation in the annual events hosted by IPRCC, including institutionalized poverty reduction communication platforms, namely, Global Poverty Reduction and Development Forum. The year 2020 will witness China’s success in its fight against poverty, lifting all the rural poor registered under the current national poverty standards out of poverty. IPRCC hopes that the UN System in China will, as always, be part of China’s fight against poverty and international poverty reduction cooperation and exchanges by contributing its wisdom and ideas. In particular, with respect to the internalization of China’s poverty reduction experience and relevant international comparative studies, it is hoped that Mr. Rosellini and the UN System in China under his coordination can bring out UN’s advantages of international network and expertise into full play, and carry out researches together with IPRCC.

    Dr. Tan Weiping briefed Mr. Rosellini on the on-going researches by IPRCC and the key research topics in the near future, in which the UN System in China would actively take part.

    Mr. Rosellini spoke highly of China’s achievements in poverty reduction. China’s strategy of targeted poverty alleviation has been proven effective with remarkable achievements, and is  worth summarizing and refining, including summarization of cases and theories, so that the international community and the developing countries can draw upon China’s experience in poverty reduction. The year 2020 is essential in that China will eradicate absolute poverty, also in that it will mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN. In this significant year, the UN System in China stands ready to reinforce its cooperation with IPRCC in actively carrying out summative researches as well as prospective studies on the challenges that China is going to face, including relative poverty, multidimensional poverty, urban poverty and the series of problems brought about by unbalanced development and accelerating aging issue of population.

    Ms. Li Xin, Director of Foreign Affairs was present at the meeting.