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Team Building Activity Organized

Release time:2014-08-07Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:4642

16 July - 5 August, 2014 --- In order cultivate the team spirit and collective sensor of honor of the staff members and guide them to adopt positive working and life styles, IPRCC’s Labor Union organized a team building activity at Omega Room Escape (Taiyanggong).



Three themes (i.e., “Earl Cat’s Challenge”, “Room Ω”, “Jenny’s Bedroom”) with a comparable level of difficulty were selected as the activity content. The staff members randomly took part in one of them as a team and the results were calculated by the time spent to pass through or the percentage of progress. 10 teams of 62 members participated in this activity. Specifically, the teams led by Deputy Director General He Xiaojun and Deputy Director Liu Lichuan successfully found their way out; and Director General Zuo Changsheng and Deputy Director General Tan Weiping led their team to finish 99% of the progress, only one step away from success. At last, eight staff members spontaneously formed a team to challenge the most difficult Xroom and made it without any help.


Room escape is an activity requiring close team collaboration. Thanks to their positive thinking, brainstorming and effective cooperation after entering the room, all teams have obtained favorable results. This activity has further promoted the communication among the staff members and enhanced their collaboration awareness and team cohesion.