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IPRCC Deputy Head Met with World Bank Institute Senior Project Manager

Release time:2014-07-04Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:4536

2 July, 2014 --- IPRCC Deputy Head Huang Chengwei met with a delegation headed by Ms. Susan Shen, Senior Project Manager of the World Bank Institute (WBI).



Huang briefed the delegation on the new situation and focus of China’s poverty alleviation and development work, such as improving the assessment mechanism of the poverty-stricken counties, establishing an accurate poverty alleviation working mechanism, improving the resident cadre support mechanism, reforming the special financial poverty reduction fund management mechanism, improving the financial service mechanism, and innovating the social participation mechanism, in the hope of carrying out more extensive cooperation with WBI.



Ms. Shen then introduced the latest developments of the reforms of the World Bank and World Bank Institute, and shared her opinions on the potential cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Laurent Besancon, Manager of WBI South-South Knowledge Sharing Program, also briefly introduced the tools for knowledge cooperation and exchange.



The relevant officials from the WBI Beijing Office, as well as from IPRCC’s Information and Communication Division, Research Division and Cooperation Division were also present at the meeting.