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IPRCC Head Met with Deputy Chief of Social Development Department of World Bank East Asia and Pacific

Release time:2014-05-21Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:1496

16 May, 2014 --- IPRCC Head Zuo Changsheng and Deputy Head He Xiaojun met with a delegation headed by Mr. Jan Weetjens, Vice Director of the Social Development Department of World Bank East Asia and Pacific.



Zuo briefed the visitors on IPRCC’s five core activities and cooperation with the World Bank. He particularly introduced China’s rural poverty reduction strategy and key tasks. Speaking of IPRCC taking over the international organization donation programs and cooperation projects previously undertaken by the Foreign Capital Project Management Center (FCPMC), Zuo expressed his hope for continued intellectual and financial support from the World Bank in the grand backdrop of international and domestic poverty reduction cooperation. By undertaking the said FCPMC projects, IPRCC has become the sole organization under the LGOP system conducting international poverty reduction exchange and cooperation.



Mr. Weetjens thanked for the opportunity to discuss with Zuo about bilateral strategic cooperation, saying that the World Bank would support IPRCC’s South-South cooperation activities on poverty reduction knowledge sharing as always. He also shared his own thoughts about his visit to the World Bank Project Phase V, indicating that the World Bank would offer substantial support to execute Phase V and prepare for Phase VI, and to better cooperate with IPRCC to implement the project activities on the operational level.



Cao Wendao, Senior Expert on Rural Development and Zhou Meixiang, Social Development Expert of World Bank Beijing Office, together with the relevant staff from IPRCC’s Information and Communication Division, Exchange Division and Research Division, were also present at the meeting.