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Deputy Director General Huang Chengwei Met with the Delegation Headed by Mr. Jan Weetjens

Release time:2014-01-17Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:1432

14 January, 2014 --- Deputy Director Huang Chengwei met with a delegation headed by Mr. Jan Weetjens, Director of the World Bank’s Social Development Department.
Huang briefed the delegation on major activities of IPRCC, highlighted the challenges IPRCC faced in team building, enhancing young employees’ understanding of China-Africa poverty reduction cooperation, and summarizing and sharing of poverty reduction knowledge, as well as some concrete ways and suggestions on the World Bank-sponsored IDF project.


Mr. Jan Weetjens shared his working experience in Africa, and offered recommendations on how to strengthen the conclusion and exchanges of China-Africa poverty reduction knowledge and IPRCC’s website building, and to better promote South-South knowledge sharing in IDF project.
Supported by the World Bank’s Institutional Development Fund, IDF project is designed to enhance the knowledge-sharing capability of relevant countries. The budget of current IDF project for IPRCC to strengthen South-South poverty reduction cooperation is US$300,000. The two-year project consists of three parts: team building, China-Africa cooperation case analysis and operating manual development, website of poverty reduction knowledge-sharing in South-South cooperation.

The two sides also discussed how could the World Bank conduct poverty reduction cooperation based on the new characteristics of current poverty reduction in China.
Staff from the World Bank’s Social Development Department and IPRCC’s Information and Communication Division attended the meeting.