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Deputy Director General Huang Chengwei Met with ADB Delegate

Release time:2014-01-17Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:1097

13 January, 2014 --- Deputy Director Huang Chengwei met with Jiang Xiaofei, coordinator of Public Management, Trade and Regional Cooperation Division of ADB.

Huang briefed the ADB side on the new trend of China’s poverty reduction and development policy, main contents and requirements of innovative poverty reduction and development mechanism, and the work IPRCC has done in fields of international cooperation and knowledge sharing.



Jiang provided an overview of ADB’s external business, especially its activities in areas of cooperation, poverty alleviation and private-public partnership.

The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation, and achieved initial intent of cooperation on innovating the financial poverty reduction mechanism, supporting the engagement of private enterprises in poverty reduction and development and regional poverty reduction cooperation. Relevant staff from Cooperation Division and Information and Communication Division attended the meeting.