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Conference on the Release of China Anti-poverty Development Report (2012) Jointly Held by IPRCC and CCNU

Release time:2013-09-05Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:1264
3 September, 2013 --- The Conference on the Release of China Anti-poverty Development Report (2012) was jointly held by IPRCC and Central China Normal University (CCNU) in Beijing. The conference was chaired by IPRCC Deputy Director General Huang Chengwei. IPRCC Director General Zuo Changsheng, Deputy Party Secretary of CCNU He Xianglin, Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press Co., Ltd. Chief Editor Jiang Xin delivered a short speech respectively. Professor Xiang Deping from CCNU’s College of Social Sciences introduced the report and answered questions of journalists. Experts from such institutions and universities as UNDP, ADB and Beijing Normal University commented the report.
China Anti-poverty Development Report, created by IPRCC and CCNU, belongs to the category of Ministry of Education’s philosophy and social science development reports. As the first of China Anti-poverty Development Report series, the report released this time examines and reflects the status quo and practice of anti-poverty in different stages since the reform and opening up, accurately takes the contiguous areas with particular difficulties as the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in the period of building a comprehensive well-off society, and provides a thorough analysis of the status quo, practice and approach of poverty-relief programs for these areas from theoretical, strategic and security systems.
Fan Xiaojian, LGOP Minister and Deputy Head of the State Council Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development mentioned in the preface that, China Anti-poverty Development Report will be released annually to demonstrate new theory, new method, new progress and new achievement of anti-poverty field in a sustained and comprehensive manner. The preparation and release of the report will be conducive to theoretically concluding anti-poverty practices, further following the law of poverty alleviation for extraction and distillation. It will not only provide some experience for anti-poverty model and policy innovation and a theoretical basis for anti-poverty work in the new stage, but also make contributions to the development of anti-poverty theory for the whole world.
Experts and media representatives agreed that this report focuses on theoretical research and practical summary of the fighting against poverty in the contiguous areas with particular difficulties, which conforms to the historical background of anti-poverty development, embodies its mission and has great significance for promoting theoretical study and practice of poverty alleviation and development in such areas. The series of China Anti-poverty Development Report will play an important role in the process of poverty alleviation and development and also serve as a reference for theory researchers and staff of China’s poverty alleviation system.