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Director-General Xu Hui Met and Reported to Chairman Liu Jian about IPRCC’s Work

Release time:2011-01-12Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:1061

January 10, 2011---Director-General Xu Hui met with Chairman Liu Jian and reported to him about IPRCC’s work.

After listening to Director-General Xu’s report on IPRCC’s 2010 work review, development objective in the period of “the 12th Five-Year Plan” and 2011 work plan, Chairman Liu Jian fully affirmed the work done by IPRCC and pointed out that IPRCC made great achievements in 2010, and the development objective in the period of “the 12th Five-Year Plan” and its 2011 work plan have clear objectives and ideas as well as prominent focus. Chairman Liu Jian agreed in principle to the work report of the Centre and gave the following important guidance for the future work: First, we must further broaden the research field and include poverty-related development gap, environment and other relevant issues into the research, and we should put forward relevant constructive policy recommendations based on in-depth research and international advanced development concept and experience. Second, we must improve the pertinence of our research and focus on research to solve the prominent problems in China’s development. Third, we must keep up new ideas, catch new development trends and summarize new experience. Finally, we must highlight the work focus, improve quality and give full play to the role of IPRCC's brain trust, and make targeted and influential policy suggestions as well. In addition, Chairman Liu Jian gave instructions on how to improve IPRCC's work report, BOT's relevant work, Fiji-visit follow-up proposal, etc.

Director-General Xu Hui expressed his gratitude to Chairman Liu Jian for his care and support to IPRCC and promised that IPRCC will conscientiously learn the chairman's instructions in order to do a better job.