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IPRCC Held "Excelling in the Performance" Activity and 2010 Review Meeting

Release time:2011-01-05Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation   Visits:1104


January 4, 2010---The International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) held "Excelling in the Performance" Activity and 2010 Review Meeting in IPRCC office Building. Mr. Zheng Wenkai, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of LGOP, Li Chunguang, Director of Department of International Cooperation and Social Poverty Alleviation, and Xia Gengsheng, Deputy Party Secretary of LGOP, attended the meeting. The event was chaired by IPRCC Director-General Xu Hui, and the leadership team members and all the staffs of IPRCC were present at the meeting.

Director-General Xu Hui, on behalf of IPRCC, gave a talk on "Report on IPRCC's Excelling in the Performance Activity, 2010 Work Review and 2011 Work Plan". In line with China’s foreign policy and LGOP’s work focus in 2010, Director Xu briefly overviewed IPRCC’s efforts in striving to keep up with the steps of international poverty alleviation and development as well as IPRCC’s contribution for international poverty reduction research, training, exchange, cooperation and information service. Then, Director Xu proposed IPRCC’s development objective in the period of “the 12th Five Year Plan” and its key activities in 2011.



Deputy Director Zheng Wenkai fully affirmed the achievements of IPRCC and put forward specific requirements for the 2011 work plan: First, we should set high standards for self-development and position IPRCC's role in accordance with the plan set by the Central government and the party committee of LGOP and under the background of promoting poverty alleviation and international exchanges and cooperation in poverty reduction; Second, seeking work efficiency and assuring safety, high-quality and the completion of the overall work including the preparations for the “Exhibition of IPRCC's Achievements in Poverty Alleviation’, the yearbook compiling and the refurbishment of the 18th floors; third, we must offer high-quality services, firmly establish a sense of service and continuously improve service level; and fourth, we should show cooperation magnanimity and improve IPRCC's cohesion, solidarity and combat effectiveness with the purpose of forming a good work atmosphere of tolerance and accommodation.

Xia Gengsheng, Deputy Party Secretary of LGOP, fully affirmed the "Excelling in the Performance" Activity and 2010 achievements of IPRCC, and made specific comments on 2011 "Excelling in the Performance" Activity.

Director-General Xu Hui said that IPRCC will study and understand the idea of the speeches delivered both by Deputy Director Zheng Wenkai and Deputy Party Secretary Xia Gengsheng, and also propose the relevant activities of "Excelling in the Performance" in 2011 as soon as possible, set the proposal into action further, and look forward to marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC by showing its great achievement.