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Release time:1970-01-01Information sources: China International Center for poverty alleviation

State and Ministerial Policy News:

1.During his investigation in Yunnan Province, General Secretary XiJinping stressed that the guiding principles of the 18 th National Congress, theThird and the Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 18 th CPC Central Committeeshould be fully implemented. He pointed out that various tasks should be led by thebuilding of a moderately well-off society in an all-round way, deepeningcomprehensive reform, law enforcement in both letter and spirit and strict management of the Party. He also said that we should speed up economic and social development in poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minority regions so as to achieve the goal of building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way in 2020 as scheduled.

Source: xinhuanet.com Jan. 21, 2015

2.During the informal discussion on poverty monitoring held by China’s Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP) and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Liu Yongfu, director of LGOP, introduced the progress in poverty alleviation and development, especially in setting up documents and distributing Poverty Alleviation Handbooks among the poor and enhancing IT application. He hoped that NBS can continue to support poverty monitoring, poverty reduction assessment, implementation of the mechanism of excluding ineligible counties from enjoying favorable policies, typical investigations and monographic studies. Ma Jiantang, head of NBS, gave basic information about rural poverty monitoring and monitoring results in 2014. He also suggested ways of sharing and releasing materials, saying that NBS will keep on conducting proper monitoring and strengthening coordination in other respects.

Source: LGOP Jan. 27, 2015

Public Poverty Alleviation and Charity News:

3.Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., Ltd has joined China’s “Village Early Education Center” program and will donate 1 million yuan. The fund will support the operation of “Village Early Education Center” program in some rural kindergartens in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province, providing volunteer teachers there with training, living and transportation allowance, offering free snacks to children and implementing other related measures. It is estimated to benefit 500 poor children aged from 3 to 5.

Source: chinanews.com Jan. 23, 2015

Local Poverty Alleviation News:

4.Anhui Province will ensure that over 750,000 people will be freed from the shackle of poverty in 2015. The local government will, in line with targeted poverty alleviation policy, carry out scientific poverty reduction programs in a planned and all-round way and set deadlines for poverty alleviation in identified poor villages. These measures will help center all kinds of resources on poverty-stricken areas to lift over 750,000 people out of poverty.

Source: xinhuanet.com Jan. 21, 2015

5.In 2014, Shandong Province has newly resolved drinking water problems for 3.8 million rural residents and 438,600 teachers and students, assisted 240 key poverty-stricken villages in improving the safety of drinking water, and made running water available in 94% rural areas. Shandong Province has planned to solve drinking water safety problems for 3.7271 million villagers and 396,100 teachers and students.

Source: chinanews.com Jan. 21, 2015

6.New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd and China Women’s Development Foundation have jointly launched a campaign named “Concern for Ludian County and Contribution to the Society”. They donated goods and materials worth 4 million yuan to earthquake-stricken Ludian County in Yuannan Province to provide medical assistance for women and children, which included 20mother’s health express” and 7,500 “mother’s parcel posts”.

Source: chinanews.com Jan. 21, 2015

7.The local government of Chengdu, Sichuan province has decided to grant a one-off price subsidy of 400 yuan each to the low income group before Spring Festival of 2015. The subsidy aims to relieve the impact of rising prices on the basic livelihood of the low income group so as to make sure that they can enjoy a happy Spring Festival.

Source: huaxi100.com Jan. 24, 2015

8.Jilin Province held the opening ceremony of “2015 Philanthropic Assistance Warming Ten Thousand Families” program, in which charitable organizations at all levels across the province planned to donate 15 million yuan through this year’s 2-day donation activity to help 30,000 impoverished households.

Source: chinajilin.com.cn Jan. 24,2015

Organizer: Beijing Normal University China Poverty Reduction Research Center